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March 2014 : Bahamas

Jim Abernethy cruises off West Palm Beach, Florida, offer sharks lovers, videographers or photographers the opportunity to approach large predatory sharks in ideal conditions at the heart of the warm crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. In previous expeditions with him, we were able to dive with an impressive number of lemon, nurse and Caribbean reef sharks as well as up to 12 Tiger shark at a time…

Grand Requin Marteau

In March 2014, we will take you to meet one of the most legendary of all sharks, the Great Hammerhead Shark, Sphyrna mokarran. During the winter months, he is approaching the shallow, crystal-clear waters of BIMINI Island.

Grands Requins Marteaux

Interactions with this great shark can be exceptional. Considered an endangered species, this shark is one of nine hammerhead sharks species. But its exceptional size (it can reach more than 6 meters) and its highly developed dorsal fin make it a very special Hammerhead Shark. Emphasis will be placed on the quality of meetings and photo and video opportunities.
With no less than 25 years of experience, our skipper Jim Abernethy can guarantee the best close encounters. He belongs to the family of these colorful shark addicts and you will be thrilled by its communicative enthusiasm, and its deep knowledge of the Bahamas shark waters.


500 280 Shear Water from the kite

The 60-foot M/V Shear Water, fully air conditioned, offers simple comfort with a small interior space. It accommodates 10 passengers in three cabins with 2 bunk berths and 4 berths separated by curtains. It has 2 bathrooms, hot water, shower gel and shampoo. Tables and sockets (110 V sockets U.S.) are available to photographers and their valuable equipment as well as tanks of fresh water to rince the equipment after diving. Despite little room available inside, the dive deck is perfectly adapted to the local diving.

Shear Water Inside


Price: € 3 965

This price includes:

Returns flights  PARIS / CHICAGO / WEST PALM BEACH with AMERICAN AIRLINES in economy class *
Taxes: € 362.00 on 03/13/2013 can be modified up to 31 days before departure
Taxi fares airport / hotel, hotel / dive center and dive center / airport
1 night in double room *** hotel close to West Palm Beach airport with breakfast
6 nights / 5 day cruise aboard the MV Shear water included full board and drinks (except alcohol), 3-4 dives per day including Air, weights and belts
A provision for Cruise Fuel surcharge as of 03/13/2013 which can change without notice
Nitrox dives when the profile requires it and for certified divers
The repatriation insurance / baggage TMS 1735. (This includes in particular insurance, baggage coverage up to € 2 287, and reimbursement of medical expenses, including the cost of lodging, outside your country of residence, up to € 30,490) but does not include epidemics including H1N1

This price does not include:

Customs duties Bahamas 03/13/2013 of 105 USD that can change without notice,
Crew Tips
Meals outside the cruise
Any surcharges on international flights if the N class was not available when booking any event, the potential increases in airport taxes and / or fuel on flights and / or cruising

* We keep the right to change the airline (itinerary and price) when booking, subject to availability and organizational imperatives. In all cases we will make the best choice between price and flight time.


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